Get Ready – Bring your data

Bob's Keywords - Brain Image

Before you start using Bob’s Keywords to find your new Negative Keywords, you need to bring your data for analysis. Bob’s Keywords don’t connect directly to your Ads Account (Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc.), and for now, you need to extract your data manually.

To learn how to extract your data from Google Ads, please click here. and check the section “Extract your Pay Per Click data”

For Bob’s to operate correctly, you need to prepare the following data and then load it into the app:

  • your PPC Search Query Report in CSV format. Your report must include the following fields:
    • Search Query
    • Clicks
    • Cost per Click
    • Impressions
    • Conversions
    • Cost Per Conversion
    • and Conversion Rate
  • your Organic Searches Report in CSV format (optional). Your reports must include the following fields:
    • Search Query
  • your Trusted Keywords in CSV format (optional). Trusted Keywords data can be your current campaign Keywords, your current Negative Keywords, and other data, such as a product list name and your SEO terms. Although this data is optional, Bob’s will also use them to analyse your PPC Search Query data better if they are present. Your reports must include the following fields:
    • Keywords

The image below can give you an overall idea of how Bob’s operates and how the app uses your data to produce a list of Negative Keyword Candidates: