Bob’s Keywords Features

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Uses your data to give you more accurate results

Bring your Search Query Reports, your Organic Searches, your Keywords, and your current Negative Keywords to Bob’s. While some generic Negative Keywords lists may work, it is your data that can reveal the keywords that are negatively affecting your Ads Campaigns right now.

A massive list of Negative Keywords Candidates

We process your data and present you with a list of Negative Keyword Candidates that is super easy to understand. Quickly identify which search terms are triggering your ads, which have being clicked and are not giving you positive results.

Quickly build your list of new Negative Keywords

Add a search term to your new Negative Keyword List, including the Match Type (Broad, Phrase, or Exact Match) with a single click. Use the Bulk Operation to add multiple terms at once.

Predict your Savings

As soon as you add a new search term to your Negative Keyword List, Bob’s Keywords shows you how much you’re going to save, how much you should have spent, and also the number of Negative Keywords on your list. Cool, right?

Search Query Report VS Organic Searches

Bob’s Keywords can combine your Search Query data with your Organic Searches to expand your analysis. Check how the search terms triggering your Pay Per Click Ads perform in your Organic Searches. Bob’s Keywords may reveal some search terms that are performing very well on your Organic Searches (Kudos to your SEO Team!) can also be used as Negative Keywords (Why pay for them?).

Search Term Phrases Inspection and Match Type Impact

Check all search queries where a specific search term appears and exactly how your potential customers are searching. Are these searches relevant to you? The Match Type Impact will help you identify the best Negative Keyword Match Type that will block the majority of unwanted searches.

Your Keywords Analysis

Check how your current Keywords are performing when searched along with other terms. Too many Impressions/Clicks with Low or Zero Conversion means that your Keywords combined with other search terms are reaching the wrong audience. The combination may be potential Negative Keyword Candidates.

Negative Keywords Analysis

Check how your existing Negative Keywords Match Types are impacting your Ads performance as they can still trigger your Ad if you are not using the correct/best match type.

Co-occurring terms Analysis

Do you want to know what other terms are being searched along with a specific term? After using this feature and checking each search term’s performance, you may find some other Negative Keyword Candidates that are lowering the Quality Score of your Ads and wasting your budget too.

SEO Hints

Bob’s Keywords can also help in your SEO Strategy. While you’re analysing your search terms to decide if they will make it into your Negative Keyword List, you may also realise they are good terms for your SEO strategy. Add the search term to your Trusted Keywords List when this is the case.

Export your Lists to Text Files

You can export your Negative Keywords List and your Trusted Keywords List to a text file at any moment. Your Negative Keywords List will also include the Match Type, and it’s ready for you to use in your Ads platform.

Supports files from any Ads Platform

Bob’s Keywords can read data from any Ads platform (CSV files only), including Google Ads, Bing Ads, Amazon Ads, etc. You can even combine Search Query Reports from Google Ads with Organic Searches from Bing.

Language Agnostic

Bob’s Keywords is language-agnostic, and we also support texts in any character set.

Custom Calculated Columns

Quickly add custom calculated columns to your data view by summing, adding, subtracting, multiplying, or calculating percentages using any of your metrics.

Custom Numeric Filters

Quickly add custom numeric filters to your data view using several filter operations using your metrics.

Smart Filters

Smart Filters are pre-built and ready-to-use Numeric Filters that help you smartly filter your data after Bob’s Keywords digests it. Using this feature, filtering your data with expressions like “Search queries that have clicks but no conversions” or “Search queries that have impressions but lower or no clicks” is pretty straightforward.