Finding Trusted Keywords (new SEO terms)

Bob's Keywords - Graph Image

Bob’s Keywords is a tool designed to help PPC Professionals find new Negative Keywords, but can also be used to help you find new SEO terms (Trusted Keywords).

During your analysis to find new Negative Keywords, you may see some terms driving traffic to your Ads but that are not converging well or not converging at all. Are these terms still interesting to your business? Can you use these terms to improve your SEO strategy?

You sell computers and computer parts, but you don’t fix them, and you constantly see the keyword “fix” in your Search Query Reports. Bob’s Keywords shows you this keyword does not generate any business, i.e., it is a keyword that is wasting your Ads budget. Because this keyword is also related to computers, why not use it in your favour?

Bob’s Keywords allows you to add the term “fix” as a Negative Keyword and as a Trusted Keyword, and you can later use this term at your convenience. You can, for example, post a helpful blog article about fixing computers on your website. While your Ad won’t show anymore for the keyword “fix”, you can expect your blob post will appear on search engine results when someone is looking for ”how to fix a computer”, generating more organic traffic to your website. You win twice 😉.