How many Negative Keywords are you missing?

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Negative Keywords

A successful Google Ads or Bing Ads Pay Per Click campaign includes the right keywords for your business, a good bidding strategy, and many other details. One of these crucial and sometimes neglected details is the usage of Negative Keywords.

In the Pay Per Click universe, Negative Keywords are search terms that trigger your Ads but are not relevant to your business and, when neglected, can show your PPC Ad to an unwanted or wrong audience, which can cause some adverse effects.

One of these effects is lowering the Quality Score of your Ads. The other one is wasting money, i.e., clicks on your Ads that will never convert to any business or sale. And you don’t want either of these adverse effects affecting your PPC campaigns.

How many Negative Keywords are you missing?

Let’s imagine a hypothetical PPC campaign for a Computer Shop. The keywords for this campaign are “computer”, “new computer”, and “ssd hard drive”.

If someone is searching, for example, “buy a new computer”, you want your Ads platform to show your Ad to this potential customer, as they intend to buy a new computer.

Now, if someone is searching “ssd hard drive durability”, it is not very clear if this person wants to buy a new ssd hard drive or is just doing a random tech search, but your Ads platform can still show your PPC Ad, as you’re bidding on the search term “ssd hard drive”, and the search is matching your keywords.

When your Ad is shown, the user can ignore it, which may lower the Quality Score of your Ad, and they can also decide to click on your Ad, just for curiosity, with no real intentions of buying a new ssd hard drive. And you will pay for that click, now wasted, which translates into wasted money.

Effects of not using negative keywords on your Ads Campaigns

You can do two things to avoid these undesired effects on your PPC Ads Campaign.

The first and most important is adding the term “durability” as a Negative Keyword in your Ads platform. Negative Keywords will prevent your Ad from being shown when “ssd hard drive durability” is searched again.

The second thing you can do is use the term “durability” as part of the SEO strategy for the Computer Shop website. You can create a blog entry or add additional information on the SSD product page, which may help your page/website rank better in search results when someone searches for “ssd hard drive durability” again.

In our previous example, “ssd hard drive durability”, it was pretty simple to find the culprit for wasting our precious clicks and money. If your Ad had 10 Impressions associated with that search and four non-converging clicks that cost you, let’s say, $0.50, you wasted $2.00.

Let’s say your PPC campaign has 100,000 impressions and 10,000 clicks per month and that 15% of these clicks won’t converge, i.e., are coming from an unwanted or wrong audience due to your missing Negative Keywords: how much money are you wasting? If the average click costs $0.50, you are wasting $750/monthly, $9,000/annually.

To avoid wasting that money, you will need to find your Negative Keywords and start using them on your Ads platform, but how can you do that when you have thousands of Search Queries to analyse?

There are several ways to find Negative Keywords, and Bob’s Keywords have an efficient and clever solution for you.

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