Download your Search Queries Report

We have prepared a template in Looker Studio (free tool from Google) so that you can extract your Search Terms Reports from any of your Google Ads Campaigns super easily.

Click on the link below to open the template we have prepared for you. When opening the template, data from a Google Ads test account will be displayed.

Follow the steps below to use our template. Make sure you are logged into a Gmail account that has access to the Google Ads account from which you want to pull the search terms report.

  1. Select the Google Ads account to use to pull the data using the control indicated in the image. If this is your first time using Looker Studio on this account, you will need to Authorize the Google app to access your data.
  2. Select the Campaign
  3. Select the date range for the report
  4. Right-click over the report data area and choose Export.
  1. Change the file name in the indicated field, if you wish.
  2. Choose export as CSV and click export button

The file is now ready to be imported by Bob’s Keywords into your Negative Keyword Analysis.