Selecting Negative Keywords in Bulk Mode

Bob's Keywords - Mouse Image

Bob’s Keywords provides the ability to set multiple search terms as Negative Keywords and quickly set the Match Type for these new Negative Keywords in one move.

The option selected is applied to all visible keywords. The Visible keywords are the ones you can view/reach using the scrollbar and the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Negative Keyword Bulk Operation

Select the desired option from the dropdown and click on the “Set all Visible Keywords as” button. Confirm the operation if you want to proceed with the bulk operation.

We recommend using this option only when you filter your data and have a small set of Search Query Terms on the current view.

Depending on the number of visible keywords, this operation may take time to execute.

There is no way to stop the bulk operation once you have confirmed it. If you want to revert the process, choose the Revert option in the dropdown and click on the button again.