Using Rules to Find Negative Keywords

Bob's Keywords - Mouse Image

At the centre of Negative Keyword Candidates’ suggestions, we have the Negative Keywords Rules. Rules are a powerful tool that helps you classify your Search Terms as potential Negative Keywords. Use and abuse Bob’s Keywords Rules to quickly identify those search terms hurting your pocket.

The Negative Keywords Rules option will be shown on the left menu after you click on “Find Negative Keywords”.


Thresholds menu option

Click on the Negative Keywords Rules option to show the Rules window.

Click on the “Add New” button to add a new rule. A new panel is shown, and you can choose the metric, the comparison operator and the value to compose your new rule. Choose the metric and the comparison operator from the dropdowns, then type a value for the metric to be compared with. After composing the new rule, click on the “Add New” button again for a new rule or click on the “Apply” button to save. If you have created calculated columns, they will be displayed in the metric’s dropdown. Currently, there are six comparison operators you can use to compose your threshold:

  • Equal to (Metric = Value)
  • Not Equal to (Metric <> Value)
  • Greater than (Metric > Value)
  • Less than (Metric < Value)
  • Greater than or Equal to (Metric >= Value)
  • Less than or Equal to (Metric <= Value)
Add thresholds

When the Rules in the previous image are applied, all Search Query Terms with more than 1000 Impressions and the Conversion Rate of less than 0.25% are considered Negative Keyword Candidates.