Your Trusted Keywords Analysis

Bob's Keywords - Mouse Image

In Bob’s Keywords, Trusted Keywords are your current Keywords (or Bidding Terms) and current Negative Keywords from your Ads Campaigns. You can also include SEO terms and other terms important for your business and load them as Trusted Keywords in your project.

When you load your Trusted Keywords, Bob’s Keywords will use them to filter out the matching keywords/search terms from your Search Query Report, and when you’re Finding Negative Keywords, your Trusted Keywords are not included in your analysis.

Trusted Keywords Analysis - Your Keywords

Bob’s Keywords allows you to use the same tools used on your Negative Keyword Candidates analysis to analyse your Trusted Keywords too.

On the Trusted Keywords analysis, you can check:

  • how each of your Trusted Keywords performs on your Search Query Reports
  • if your current Negative Keywords are being effective
  • if your Keywords are converging well
  • if your Keywords co-occurring terms are performing well or if they need to be considered as Negative Keywords
  • etc
Trusted Keywords Analysis - Negative Keywords
Trusted Keywords Analysis - Negative Keyword and Co-Occurring Terms

The previous image shows a Negative Keyword already in use and how the negative keyword and its co-occurring terms perform on a Search Query Report. You can use this strategy (Negative Keywords Analysis and check co-occurring terms) to discover any other keywords that may be harmful to your Ads.