Loading you PPC Search Query Report CSV file into Bob’s Keywords

Bob's Keywords - Brain Image

To upload your PPC Search Query Report file into Bob’s Keywords, click the “Add your PPC Search Query Report” button, an option available on the Initial Analysis Screen. The upload screen will be shown.

Click on the “Click here to upload your file” button, then select your CSV file. The option “The uploaded file has a header line” is checked by default. Uncheck it ONLY IF your file does not have a header line. We encourage you to use files that include a header.

Generating your Search Query Report using Google Analytics Plugin for Google Sheets

The image above shows a file whose first line contains the header of that file. In our context, this header contains the name of the metric corresponding to each column.

PPC Search Query Report - Upload your File

The upload process may take a few seconds, depending on the file size. The message “File has been uploaded” will be shown close to the file name when the upload process has finished.

After the upload process, click on the “Start Discovery Process” button. Bob’s Keywords will read your file and show you a list of all the fields/metrics present in it. In this screen, you will select your relevant fields/metrics.

Among all your fields/metrics, you need to select:

  • your Phrase Field, which must represent your Search Term (or Search Query), i.e., what users typed on Google (or Microsoft Bing, etc.) when they are searching for something
  • your Numeric Fields, maximum of 10.

Please ensure you’re selecting the most relevant metrics that represent these data:

  • Clicks
  • Cost per Click
  • Impressions
  • Conversions
  • Cost Per Conversion
  • Conversion Rate
  • other metrics you want to bring for your analysis (Bounce Rate, for example)

The example below shows the discovery process for a file extracted from a Google Ads account using the method described here. The Search Term field is selected as the Phrase Field, and the other fields are set as Numeric Fields.

PPC Search Query Report - Select your relevant fields

After finishing the field selection, press the Next button. On this screen, change the Numeric Fields label’s for shorter or more meaningful names if you want, then press Next again.

PPC Search Query Report - Change field labels

The final step is to inform Bob’s what metric each field represents. The available metrics are Clicks, Impressions, Conversions, Cost per Click, Cost Per Conversion and Conversion Rates. Bob’s Keywords will try to guess the metrics for you. Please double-check the suggestions and fix the metrics suggestion, if needed.

The next screen shows the selection of metrics for our previously loaded file.

PPC Search Query Report - Inform fields content

When you finish informing the metrics of each of your selected fields, press Next. Bob’s will then process your whole file, loading your data according to the selected metrics and making the initial calculations. This process may take a bit of time, depending on the number of rows in your file. A confirmation message will notify you when the loading process is completed.

PPC Search Query Report - Search Query Report Loaded Successfully