Understanding Predicted Savings

Bob's Keywords - Mouse Image

Although the Predicted Savings are pretty straightforward, we will explain a few extra things about it on this page.

When you select a new Negative Keyword, Bob’s Keywords will predict how much you may save when these new Negative Keywords are made effective on your Ads Platform.

The Predicted Savings value is calculated using the data extracted from your Search Query Report. For this feature to work correctly, your report must include the Number of Clicks and the Cost per Click information when you load your Search Query Report into your Negative Keywords Analysis.

These totals are shown at the bottom of your screen, as in the following image:

Finding Negative Keywords - Predicted Savings

Bob’s Keywords also shows the number of Negative Keywords selected and the total amount spent, in accordance with the data in your Search Query Report.

Bob’s Keywords will update these values when you add or remove a Negative Keyword from your selection.

Please note that a new Negative Keyword may not affect the Predicted Savings value, and this can happen in two situations:

  • when another previously selected Negative Keyword already blocks all search queries blocked by the just selected Negative Keyword
  • when there is no cost per click information for the Search Queries associated with the new Negative Keyword. This situation may happen due to inconsistencies or errors on your Ads platform, affecting your Search Query Report.