Using Numeric Filters and Smart Filters

Bob's Keywords - Mouse Image

When you start your analysis to finding Negative Keywords, the first view Bob’s Keywords show on your screen is a large dataset of Negative Keyword Candidates. The N-Gram terms are organised to quickly identify the ones that can make your new Negative Keywords list. You can click on the column titles to sort your data and use the Numeric and Text Filters to narrow your investigation. For more information on using Text Filters, please click here. Bob’s Keywords provides the ability to create numeric filters to narrow the view even more, which helps you concentrate on fewer data on your screen and do a better analysis.

The Numeric Filters option will be shown on the left menu after you click on “Find Negative Keywords” (or any of the Trusted Keywords Analysis options).

Finding Negative Keywords - Numeric Filters menu option

Click on the Numeric Filters option to show the Numeric Filters window. Click on the “Add New” button to add a new numeric filter. A new panel is shown, and you can choose the field, the comparison operator and the value to compose your new numeric filter. Choose the field and the comparison operator from the dropdowns, then type a value for the field to be compared with. After composing the new filter, click on the “Add New” button again for a new numeric filter or click on the “Apply” button to save. If you have created calculated columns, they will be displayed in the field’s dropdown. Currently, there are six comparison operators you can use to compose your filters:

  • Equal to (Field = Value)
  • Not Equal to (Field <> Value)
  • Greater than (Field > Value)
  • Less than (Field < Value)
  • Greater than or Equal to (Field >= Value)
  • Less than or Equal to (Field <= Value)
Finding Negative Keywords - Numeric Filters

When you click on the “Apply” button, Bob’s Keywords will apply the filter(s) to your data. Numeric Fields are NOT persistent. The next time you open your project, there will be no Numeric Filters applied to your data. If you want to remove a Numeric Filter, click on the “minus” button located on the right of the filter panel. Click on the “Apply” button to save, and Bob’s Keywords will refresh the view to reflect the filter(s) you’ve deleted.

Finding Negative Keywords - Numeric Filters

After applying your filter(s) to your data and refreshing the view, Bob’s Keywords shows the Filter Expression in a yellow box at the bottom-right of the top panel. The “Clear” button is a quick option to delete all Numeric Filters at once and refresh the current view. You can compose your filter with up to ten individual Numeric Filters.

Smart Filters

Smart Filters are pre-built and ready-to-use Numeric Filters that help you smartly filter your data after Bob’s Keywords digests it. Smart filters are presented as natural sentences so you can quickly identify them.

Finding Negative Keywords - Smart Filters

When you choose a Smart Filter from the dropdown, Bob’s Keywords automatically adds the correct filters corresponding to the expression you chose. Simply select one of the expressions from the dropdown list and click on the ”Plus” button. Change the values of each filter accordingly to your needs.

Finding Negative Keywords - Smart Filters

In the previous image, we selected the expression “Search queries that have clicks but no conversions”. These are the current Smart Filters available in Bob’s Keywords:

  • Search queries that have clicks but no conversions
  • Search queries that have an above-average cost per conversion
  • Search queries that have impressions but lower or no clicks
  • Search queries that have impressions AND clicks but no conversions
  • Search queries that have a below-average conversion rate

If you have any suggestions for more Smart Filters, please drop us a line.